Helper Cat
Published On: February 9, 2012

The Rearranging Of The Bookcases is something of a yearly ritual around these parts.  The goal this time was to get rid of a few of the less necessary books (book accumulation is the family curse, and if I don’t set strict limits I’ll be buried) and so make a bit of room.  I packed up a box to send to amazon’s trade in service (which is rather nifty, if you don’t know about it already it’s worth a look) and took another box to Half Price Books.

All of this noble purging freed up enough space that I could dedicate one whole bookcase to knitting.  The goal was to have spaces for both books and projects.  The books are easy to manage, they just sit on the shelves.  The projects needed a bit more work to corral, so I got a few bins to hold them.

At some point in the middle of the project (you can tell it’s the middle because there’s  still a screwdriver on the shelf), Levon decided to assist in the process.  Here he is checking out how well the bin fits his bum.  He seems to find them suitable.  I fear I may need to shift the bins to a higher shelf to protect them from kitten mishaps.


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