Published On: February 17, 2012

As some of you guessed, the Pink Thing from the last few posts is destined to be a cowl.  Apparently a reversible cowl, as I’ve yet to come to any decisions about which side is the right side.  I think I even have buttons that will work with a reversible fabric, so it’s apparently meant to be.

But, because I can’t keep things simple, I also want to make mitts.  I know what they should look like, the only question is if I have enough yarn.  So I’ve devised a plan.  The cowl is now thick enough that it will be ok even if I don’t make it bigger…but I’d like to make it bigger if I can.  So I slid the project off of the needles onto a lifeline, but I didn’t cut the yarn.  Next I weighed the yarn and the cowl and did some math to figure out how much yarn it takes to do another repeat on the cowl.  Now I’ve cast on for the mitt (with the other end of the ball).  Once I’ve got one done, I’ll do some more weighing and some more math and see how much taller I can make the cowl.

All of which is all well and good…it totally works, the math is easy.  But it does mean that the project has become just the smallest bit cumbersome (what with one project on one end of the ball and another project on the other end).  I think it will be worth it though, and it’s the best way I can come up with to use all the yarn and have as deep a cowl as possible.

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