Unexpected Appeal
Published On: March 19, 2012

It seems some of you want to make the eggs.  I’m not likely the best person to help with this, as I don’t crochet, and I’ve never once made clothes for an egg.  But, never fear, the internet can help.  There seems to be a picture of a pattern (that might make sense to crocheters), as well as a pretty shot of some more eggs, over here.  It makes no sense to me, but I’m crochet-challenged.  Also, if you go here (that’s a link to a shutterstock search), you’ll find several really great close up photos of crocheted eggs.

On several of those, and on several of mine, it looks as though the lace is created in seperate parts.  Let’s call them caps and belts.  A belt goes all the way around the egg, either at the equator, or around from top to bottom.  A cap goes on either end, either on the top and the bottom (if the belt went around the equator) or on the front and back (if the cap went around from top to bottom).  These caps and belts look like they’re created separately and then joined up around the egg with another piece of string.

So if we look at the pic from Saturday, the pink egg looks to be two caps.  They’re held on and joined together with that piece of string that zig zags around the egg’s equator.  The one Douglas broke looks to be two caps (one at the top and one at the bottom) and a belt going around the equator.  This time there are two pieces of zig zagging string holding it all together.  The third egg is also two caps and a belt, but this time the caps are on the front and back and the belt goes around top to bottom.

So if I were going to make something like this, I’d measure around an egg, and make a wee tube of lace about that size as a belt.  I’d aim for something stretchy that could accommodate a variety of eggs.  I’d be sure it had some peaks on either side (aim for 8).  Then I’d make some tiny round bits to act as caps.  I’d be sure they had the same number of peaks as the belt.  That done, I’d run a new piece of string back and forth between the peaks of one belt and the peaks of one cap.  Drop in the egg (pre-blown folks, think long term) and fiddle with the spacing.  With yet another new piece of string, I’d hold on the second cap and stitch it to the belt the same way.  Or maybe I’d just make two caps and join them up around the egg.  I think these are starched, so I’d likely do that too.

Really, if you know how to crochet, I don’t see this being that hard.  If I had the patience to work with super tiny needles and yarn, I could do it with knitting.  Doesn’t somebody want to give it a try and show off?

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