And Then
Published On: March 27, 2012

Having successfully engaged in capitalism, we found ourselves in need of sustenance.  I mentioned before that I had stopped in Ann Arbor on my way home from my friend’s house in Lansing earlier in the month.  While there, I had popped into the Jolly Pumpkin for lunch.  This had occasioned a wee bit of envy on the part of The Boy, he having a much finer appreciation of beer than I.  A quick glance at a map revealed that we were, if not exactly close to Ann Arbor, certainly much closer than usual.  It seemed an excellent opportunity to remedy the unfair distribution of beer sampling.

We made the executive decision to head that way and soon found ourselves enjoying tasty food and delicious drinks.  We even discovered that Jolly Pumpkin has started making their own spirits and quickly procured what just might be the tastiest rye I’ve ever had.  We knew we were facing a rather long drive home, so we wandered around a bit before tucking back up in the car for the trek home.  We stopped in at the West Side Book Shop, then found ourselves drawn into a nearby game store.  We finished up by grabbing a few jars of cherry bbq sauce (to which I predict I will soon be addicted).  Thus fortified, we headed east.  We arrived home safe, if a bit later than expected, and were greeted by three very hungry kittens.  All told, it was a lovely (if rather long) Saturday.

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