You See, What Happened Was
Published On: April 20, 2012

So, um, I accidentally sort of wrote another book.  Well most of another book.

I don’t mean Book the Third.  Book the Third is (or rather will be) a full on proper book.  The big kind.  The kind that takes a year to put together and involves enlisting the help of photographers and stylists and models and editors and print coordinators and distributors and yarn companies and librarians and likely a competent bartender towards the end there.

This is more of a mini book.  Something quite a bit heftier than an individual pattern, but not nearly the all-consuming undertaking of a big book.  I don’t exactly have the word for it.  Baby book isn’t right (and has too many other connotations), booklet sounds too puny, book sounds a bit too grand.  For now I’m thinking of it as a mini book.

It sounds a bit crazy to do this right now, but it’s actually more or less perfect for how my world works at the moment.  I know I’ve complained here before (what, me, complain…but I’m the soul of stoicism) that it feels like I don’t have time to actually knit when I’m in the middle of writing one of the big books.  I’ve also spent a fair amount of time moaning about the timeline of the big books (Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet was done in March when the ebook came out, but no one sees the paper version till June).  I’m not the patient type, I don’t like all that waiting around for months.

So I’m doing a mini book.  It solves both of those problems.  It’s a slightly smaller scale production, which means the timeline will move much faster (no waiting weeks on photographs or layout, no waiting months on a massive print job).  I’ll also be knitting the samples myself, so I’ll have something on the needles as Book the Third comes together (thereby lessening the chances I’ll go completely off the deep end).

As for the the patterns themselves, they’ll likely be seven of them.  Six of the patterns are already written (hence the ‘um I accidentally wrote a book’ bit at the top of the post).  Five of them are already knit or mostly knit.  Testing is underway right now (this is where I take a moment to reassure you that even though this is happening on an accelerated timeline, the patterns will all still be tested and edited, I want this to be fast, not insane).  The layout is mostly done.  There are a few more things to do, and I’m sure I’ll tell you way more about this than you want to hear over the next few months, but I’d say look for this one to be out around August.

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