Published On: May 13, 2012

This is the final piece for the mini book I mentioned the other day. It’s still in the ever-exciting ‘crumpled pile of crap’ phase that most knitting projects have to endure.  I have great faith though, and I’m pretty darn sure it will be properly cute once I have a bit more done (and once it gets a suitably vicious block).

The mini book is coming along well.  Next up is a wee photo shoot, maybe even this coming weekend (which is good because if we wait too much longer we risk heat stroke while modeling knitwear, and that’s no fun at all), a final edit or two, and then it goes zipping off to the printer.  Barring some really exciting disaster, it should be out this summer.  Maybe even as early as July, but August is likely more realistic.  I’ll come back with more info about it in a week or two, but until then, let’s pretend this was one of those lengthy and engaging updates you were hoping for.

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