Published On: May 29, 2012

In a fit of unexpected restraint, I managed to purchase only two yarns at the Great Lakes Fiber Show.  Well, three skeins, but two of them are the same and will be used to make a pair of socks, so that’s practically only one skein, right?  And they’re both eye shatteringly bright.  We’ll pretend it’s a nod to the resurgence of neon, ok?

Up at the top there is Superwash Merino Worsted by Fiber Optic Yarns in the color Ellie.  Yes, that’s a thick yarn, and yes I’m likely going to make socks with it.  I love thick socks, both to wear and to knit (they feel like they’re done ever so much faster).  And most importantly, yes they really are that orange.

Down below is Superwash Wool Yarn by Steam Valley Fiber in the color Jewels.  This is destined to be a hat for The Boy.  He’s got very definitive feelings about purple.  There is one shade of purple he likes, and this is it.  I think there’s going to be plenty of yardage to do two hats, so I may have one out of this yarn too.  I promise not to wear it at the same time and place he does, so we won’t be overly matchy.

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