Published On: May 31, 2012

Sooooo, anyone wanna see what’s sitting on my shelf?

That looks suspiciously like a book.  A real live physical book.  The kind with ink and pages.  The kind you can pick up and hold and sniff and give yourself a papercut with.  And guys…it’s likely immodest to say this, but wow does it look good.  I love the e version too, but somehow the paper one always wins first place in my heart.

So, what does this mean for the folks who have ordered the book?  Well, the ones on the shelf are the author advance copies (the printer sends a tiny stack to the author before the big shipment goes out).  I can’t send you those.  There aren’t enough to go around, and I’m too busy petting them.  But, the good news is that the rest of the books have reached the distributor, and they should start shipping out late next week.  I’ll keep you updated as things progress, but it’s looking like everything should be in the mail before June 15!

Which brings me to one little reminder.  Up until now, the physical book has been offered at a pre-order discount.  Next week, when the book starts shipping, the discount will end.  So if you’ve been holding off on ordering because you wanted a firmer shipping date, but you still want the discount, this is the time to order.  And, on a similarly administrative note, the summer sale ends tonight, so if you’re looking for any individual patterns, this is a good chance to stock up.

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