Published On: June 3, 2012

This is absolute crap and has been thoroughly condemned and ruthlessly ripped.

There may have been some sort of free form verse composed to celebrate its demise.  Or maybe just some heartfelt profanity.  And yet I’ve called this post progress.  And I stand by this title.

You see, there was a time, not that long ago, when I would have kept on knitting.  Kept on knitting on this sock that is obviously too big for any human leg.  That’s because I would have somehow convinced myself that ‘it will be smaller off the needles.’  Note, I’ve also been known to convince myself ‘it will be bigger off the needles,’ ‘it will be bigger once it’s blocked,’ and (this is my personal favorite) ‘it will be smaller once it’s blocked.’  That last one betrays a real lack of clue.

But I’m working on it.  I’m working on realizing that if something is coming out wrong, continuing to knit on it is rarely the smart answer.  If the voice in your head (and better yet if the ruler in your desk drawer) is telling you it’s too big/small/pointy/fuzzy/itchy or anything else, the thing to do is stop.  It’s possible you don’t need to rip, but you likely do need to carefully evaluate.  While you’re doing that evaluating, you don’t need to be knitting.  All that extra knitting will just make you crankier if it turns out you do need to rip.

In the case of this poor forlorn sock cuff, ripping was the answer.  But never fear, I’ve cast on a slightly modified version that I think will work out much better.  Pictures once it’s past the crumpled scrap of fluff stage.

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