Back of the Closet
Published On: June 19, 2012

In preparing for the event at Knots, I stumbled across a few copies of Silk Road Socks.  I had thought they were all sold out (and had been feeling horribly guilty for what the used copies were selling for on Amazon), but it turns out there were a handful hiding out way in the back of the closet.  I took them with me to Knots, and most of them found homes with knitters there.  But I’ve got a few left.  And I do mean a few…like 16.

From time to time, I get messages from people who really wish they had a paper copy, and I always feel bad having to explain that they’re all gone.  Now that I’ve found a few extras, I figure that the best thing to do is to let you guys know that I’ve got this tiny stack of them available.  If you’re one of those folks who wishes you had the paper version, here’s your chance.  Just click this and paypal will take care of the rest.

The price is the same as always, $26.95 (plus shipping).  After you buy it, it will get your ravelry id from you so I can send you the e version (and if that ever doesn’t work, you can always just email me your paypal receipt). Paypal is set up to only let 16 people buy it, and when it’s gone it’s gone!


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