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Published On: July 5, 2012

Goal: Grab a picture of a sock to show the blog that you’ve not totally abandoned knitting.

Plan of Action: Toss sock on blocker, set blocker on chair, snap picture.

Actual set of Actions: Toss sock on blocker, set blocker on chair, prepare camera.  Douglas senses the presence of yarn, leaps immediately into action, and tries desperately to subdue the evil yarn and protect me from its nefarious intention.  Snap picture of kitten frolicking instead of sock.

Result: Well, you can see the sock.  Sort of.  A bit.  It’s not precisely in focus (nor is the kitten for that matter…he’s a wiggly beast).  But perhaps the cuteness of the wee kitty will distract you.

And, just to round out the distraction, the winner of Chrissy’s Indie Socks book is Leslie of  I’ve emailed you for your address Leslie, I hope you’ll love the book!

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