Rabble Rousers Yarn Giveaway (yes, more!)
Published On: July 30, 2012

Lots and lots and lots of good stuff to get through today!  First, business.  This is the last day of the Rabble Rousers preorder.  That means the preorder discount ends today, so this is your last chance to get the book (plus a free extra pattern of your choice) at the lower price.  Tomorrow the full electronic version goes live.

Next up, more yarn to give away.  I’ve got piles of it to go along with the release of Rabble Rousers, and I know you guys are going to love it.  Today’s lovely prize is the Primo Worsted by The Plucky Knitter.  This is the yarn I used to make Uproar, and people…it’s irresistible.

It’s a merino cashmere nylon blend.  Now that’s always a lovely mix, but there’s something about the way this one is spun that makes it stand out above the rest.  It’s plump and round and just undeniably substantial.  It’s the sort of thing you pick up and pet and carry around and end up falling in love with.  And of course Sarah’s colors are amazing.  She does the most exciting semi-solids you can imagine.  They are truly beautiful, and somehow they all look marvelous together.  I’ve never seen a single one I didn’t like.

And once again, I’ve got some to give away (no really…it’s going to be a theme around here for the next few weeks, you’ll want to stick around).  Now, one of the best things about Uproar is how freakishly quick a project it is.  It’s just a tiny little cuff, but undeniably satisfying.  And, it only takes a little bit of yarn.  That means that I can once again split this skein of Plucky Knitter Primo Worsted between two of you (you’ll each get more than enough to make a pair of Uproar cuffs with plenty of yarn left over).

Now Sarah, because she is a superwoman and wants to spread the love of all things Plucky, is off doing Stitches Midwest stuff at the moment, so her online store isn’t quite as bursting with goodies as normal.  But I want to show you guys these colors, so your best bet is to take a look here (and scroll down).  See how amazingly well those all go together?  If you’d like to be entered to win the yarn I’ve got to giveaway, just leave a comment here letting me know what your favorite of the colors is.

I’ll leave comments open through Friday evening my time (eastern time), and come back with a winner next Monday.  And yes, there will be still more yarn to give away next Monday too!  Just be sure to use a real email address so I can tell you if you win.

Finally, let’s make someone’s day extra fun.  Knittingdancer and Sosoclever are the winners of the Briar Rose yarn giveaway.  I’ll be emailing you for your addresses shortly.  And to those who didn’t win, remember that Chris has generously given everyone 10% off any Briar Rose purchases through the end of August if you use the code “Hunter” at check out.  I may just have to get myself a goody of my own.

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