Nearly Unheard Of
Published On: August 3, 2012

Shocking though it doubtless will be, I’ve actually done some knitting.  Yeah, real live actual knitting.  Not swatches, not double checking a fiddly bit for some giant upcoming project (I’m looking at you, next book…I’m looking at you with an evil squinty glare), not aimless yarn petting.  Knitting.  The sort where you start a project and then put in sustained time and effort and are slowly rewarded with demonstrable progress.  I’m thinking I like that series of events.

It’s the mate to the lonely sock I showed you the other day (cough, week, cough).  It’s actually a bit taller than this now (I’m about 4 rows before the heel flap).  There’s hope these will actually get done some time in the foreseeable future.  Should be nifty.

Oh, and the little gray bucket?  Target’s dollar section.  They had them in like 3 horrid bright colors, plus black and gray.  I got 5 of the gray ones and I’m fighting the urge to go buy…um…all the other gray ones and possibly all of the black ones too.  Someone remind me I don’t need any such thing.  Someone also keep me from buying beautiful wool felt by the yard and making myself a custom set of these to store all the yarn in the house.  Because damn, super cute.  And that’s sewing I could handle.

And, one tiny reminder, this is the last day to leave a comment for a chance to win the Plucky Knitter yarn.  Just scroll down a few posts and see what you need to do.  Winners announced Monday!

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