Published On: August 13, 2012

The sock, it is not yet finished.  It was a productive weekend in lot of other ways though (if by productive you’ll take ‘relaxing’ and ‘enjoyable’), so I’ll pretend I don’t mind the delay.  This is, of course, a filthy lie and the delay is actually driving me bonkers.  But until we get that time machine sorted out, it will have to do.

But, I do have the ability to start Monday out on a good note for at least two people, Brenda (goodstuff on rav) and Anna have won the Handmaiden from last week.  And, as a little goody for everyone who didn’t win, from now until Sunday evening, you can get Rampant (that’s them over there in the picture, they’re one of my favorite patterns done with Handmaiden yarn) for free when you by any of my other patterns.  Just go to my list of patterns, put Rampant in your cart, put something else in your cart, and use the code “Handmaiden” at checkout.  You’ll see the discount reflected right away.

Come back tomorrow for the final Rabble Rousers yarn giveaway!  Handing out yarn has been a totally unreasonable amount of fun.  I’m hoping you guys have enjoyed it too.

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