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Published On: September 10, 2012

You know what’s really sort of awesome?  When people you like and respect, people whose books you have sitting on your shelves, come and ask you if you’d like to be a part of a project they’re working on.  Hint, the answer is nearly always an enthusiastic yes (that ‘yes’ may or may not be accompanied by some sort of Snoopy dance of glee, but this is performed in the privacy of one’s own home, so it hardly counts and needn’t be discussed at any length here).

So you can imagine how happy I was, many moons ago, when the lovely Carol Sulcoski asked me to contribute a pattern to her newest book.  The Snoopy dance was quite lengthy and impressively undignified.  I worked up a pattern, knitted a little goody, and mailed everything off to her.  Then I shut up and waited…and I kept waiting…and then I waited a bit longer.  Now all this waiting isn’t Carol’s fault, it’s just inherent in the process of how big books come together.  Part of that big shiny contract you sign says you’ll keep quiet until told otherwise or else the folks in charge will break into your house in the dead of night and tangle all your yarn.

But now…now the blabbing part can happen.  I’m thrilled to say I’ve got a pattern in Carol’s new book, Sock Yarn Studio, which is due out early next month.  Carol’s written a lovely article about the book over on Lark’s website.  There’s even a picture of my hat (modeled by Carol’s adorable daughter).

I’ll be getting a copy of the book in the next few weeks, and I’ll do a proper review of the whole thing when I do.  Until then, I just had to revel in the glory of being able to blab shamelessly without danger of yarn tangles.  Oh, and in case you don’t want to wait, here’s the hat (the picture is Lark’s and is used with permission).

And, as promised, the winner of The Sock Report is Mel from Knitting Mama.  Thanks to everyone who left a comment.  It was lovely to read how you guys feel about the digital/paper options out there.

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