So There’s This Thing I Wanna Try…
Published On: September 13, 2012

You know what happens when you (sort of accidentally) start a business and then run it by yourself?  You find yourself running a business by yourself.  That can be just the tiniest bit overwhelming.  It’s hard to know when you’re done for the day, and that gets a bit challenging from time to time.  So I’m going to try something.  This could be radical, but I think it has good potential.  I’m going to try not checking email or ravelry after dinner or before breakfast.  I may even consider not being around as much on the weekends.  I know, amazing right?

The problem right now is that I sort of feel like ‘I should just check real quick’ every time I walk by my computer.  That means I never ever ever feel like I’m really done for the day (much less have a day off).  That’s not good for me.  It’s not fair or reasonable or sustainable.  So instead of continuing to do something that isn’t working until I get burnt out and throw a fit, I’m going to just change how I do things now before it becomes a huge problem (again, an amazing idea, but one I think has potential).

I’m thinking most everybody else enjoys the thought of being done for the day at some point before they fall asleep and having the occasional day off.  The world likely won’t end if I give it a try too.  What do you think?  Will the world hold together if I don’t check my email at 10 at night?  Let’s make the experiment…

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