Published On: October 4, 2012

I’m working on some socks.  This, this is not news.  Alas, the plans for these socks are a wee bit in the air at the moment.  The details of their fate need to be secured before I can tell you too much about them.  It’s making me twitchy.  I’ve actually got knitting on the needles, and I want to show it to you, but discretion demands I not…for the moment.

And yet, somehow, I’m still talking about the socks.  I’m working with Dream in Color’s Everlasting DK (aka the best fat sock yarn in all the land…it’s what I used for Vaunt and Chamfer and I love it and I keep buying it and you can’t stop me).

This skein is doing something weird though, it’s turning my fingers blue.  After about 20 minutes of knitting, I’ve got a lovely blue stripe around my finger where I wind the yarn to tension it.  After about 20 more minutes, the pads of my thumbs and index fingers are blue.  That’s not a big deal, it happens with darker colors from time to time and it’s nothing to freak out about.  But (and this is the weird bit), when I put the finished sock in the sink to block, I expected it to turn the water blue.  If there’s enough extra dye in the yarn to rub off on your fingers when you knit, there’s enough extra dye to bleed when you soak it.  Except it didn’t.  Not even a little.  I’m totally baffled.

Is it just something in my skin that’s reacting with the dye?  It never did before, but I suppose it’s possible.  Is there such a thing as dye that will come off on skin but not in water?  I’m terribly curious (and secretly hoping the sock will give me smurf foot if I wear it).  I foresee some experimentation in my future.  For the sake of science you understand.

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