Not Totally Un-Yarnlike
Published On: October 9, 2012

It certainly doesn’t look like the stuff you’d buy in the store, but it does have many yarnlike qualities.  Remember, I am a rubbish spinner.  I am, somewhat surprisingly, fairly comfortable with that.

It’s about 70 yards in sort of a sport to dk weight.  I’ve got some solid color yarn that matches the green in there pretty well that I will likely combine it with.  I’m envisioning some sort of cuff.  You’ll doubtless hear all about it when it leaps on the needles.

Oh, and this is just me being smugly pleased with myself.  Check this out, it actually hangs straight.

I think (and again, rubbish spinner so I could be wrong) this means it’s fairly well balanced.  Normally when I hang it up to dry it goes curling up on itself.  This time, pleasantly (and surprisingly) chill.

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