Published On: October 15, 2012

The photo shoot was this weekend and it went wonderfully well.  I couldn’t have asked for better.  The weather was perfect, the locations were properly picturesque, everyone looked marvelous, and Zoë did amazing things with her camera.  All of the knitting and props made it home safe, no one was injured or arrested, and I think everyone is still on speaking terms with me (so I likely wasn’t too crazy).  It was all around brilliant.

And, for the first time ever, a big book photo shoot did not coincide with an incipient bout of pneumonia.  Can I just say how much more fun it is to do this when not deathly ill?  Really, I firmly recommend this approach. Despite the lack of plague, it still makes for a long couple of days (two day photo shoot is also a genius idea and will be implemented in all future big books).  I had the very best of intentions.  I was going to take my camera with me and get some behind-the-scenes shots.  I was going to tweet about the whole thing.  Instead…I didn’t.  Not even a little.  I didn’t take a single picture.  It was that busy.

So you’ll just have to take my word for it that it was a lovely few days.  And in a few months, when I show you the pictures, you can see for yourself!

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