Book Yarn, Part VI
Published On: November 7, 2012

This morning, Shibui.

On the right is Sock in the color Wasabi.  It’s a superwash merino, and it comes in an impressive range of semi-solids and a handful of multis (and, in a move I wish more companies would make, the multis list which of the semi-solids they’re made with so you can pair up yarns with confidence, even on a computer monitor).  I’ve been a fan of this yarn for a long time and used it for Serab way back in the first book.

On the left is Baby Alpaca DK in the color Flaxen.  This is a 3 ply, 100% alpaca yarn.  It has marvelous drape and feels almost slinky when knit up.  I swatched this one with a huge range of different needle sizes (everything from a 0 up through about a 6), and it is amazingly versatile.  With the right stitch pattern, you really can get an interesting fabric at just about any gauge with this.

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