Revenge of the 80s
Published On: November 20, 2012

Do you remember the just slightly slouchy hat with the handspun yarn from the other day?  Well, I had some yarn left when I was done with it. To be specific, I had a whole pile of the handspun (the goal of the exercise was to use all the handspun) and just a tiny (no, really, 30 grams tiny) bit of the main yarn.  So, after cursing my inability to judge how much yarn a project will take when I first imagine it, I did the natural thing.  I divided the main yarn exactly in half (I love my jeweler’s scale) and set to work making some mitts to match the hat.

That, my friends, is what 36 yards of the main yarn and about 6 yards of the handspun (per mitt) will get you.  Simplest thing ever, but comfy and quick and I love them.  And while I show them here with a thumb in the thumb hole, I’ve taken to wearing them slouch sock style.  That is, I just jam them on my wrist and let them crumple up and hide the thumb hole.

Now please, at least some of you, tell me you’re of about the same age and you remember spending time before school making sure your socks were scrunched up just so (or even layering your socks to get extra volume).  Please?  Don’t let me be alone in this, the 80s were a dark time for us all…

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