Published On: November 26, 2012

In between the website upgrades, the movies, and the ice cream making, the weekend saw a bit of time for some actual knitting.  These are the newest sock on the needles and they will be for The Boy (he certainly deserves them after all the computer time he clocked over the last few days).

The yarn is String Theory Merino DK in the color Carina.  The Boy picked it out when we visited String Theory in October.  The color is lovely, and just the tiniest bit odd.  It looks like the yarn itself is yellow and in some spots it’s got blue sitting on top of the yellow.  Now that makes it sound horrible, while in reality it’s actually charming.  But it is awfully hard to photograph or describe.  And yes, it is thick for socks, but that’s what he wants (60 stitches for his big boy feet…makes for a quick sock).  With luck, they’ll be done in a week or two.

Oh, and in case you spent the weekend off the internet, remember that today is the last day of the Thanksgiving sale.  It all ends tonight at 11:59 eastern time, so now’s the time if you’re interested!

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