Christmas Shipping Deadlines
Published On: November 30, 2012

Ready for the most boring post ever?  I warn you, there’s nothing interesting here at all.  If you want to be totally sure that your book arrives (at a U.S. address) before Christmas, you need to order it on or before December 10.  I know.  It stinks.  If it’s after that and you’re desperate, get in touch with me and we can likely work something out.  But if you’re going for your standard no-stress, no-drama shipping, that’s the deadline.

International folks, I can’t promise anything.  The post office says it can take up to four weeks.  But, the reports I’ve had from people say it’s usually more like a week or less.  So the short version for international folks is you’re very likely safe if you order on or before December 10, but the post office won’t guarantee it, so I can’t either.

Told you this was horribly boring.  I promise to show off the sock in progress next time to make up for this time!

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