Yes, Again
Published On: December 11, 2012

Do you remember earlier this year when I fell prey to a Wee Hat obsession.  Those hats went off to their intended victims long ago.  I managed to arrange a photo shoot before they did, but there was an unfortunate pink lemonade incident that meant the photos weren’t all they could be (the camera, after a thorough cleaning, does seem to have recovered).  So that pattern sort of languished.  It was in my head, but not out in the world.  I thought at the time that I’d be ok with that, but it was actually sort of bugging me, so I did what any reasonable person would do, I bought more yarn.

That’s Malabrigo’s Rios in the colors Indiecita (on the left) and Plomo (on the right).  The original hats were in adorable bright colors that were totally outside my comfort zone, but seemed appropriate for three little boys.  These hats will be mine all mine, so I’m going to make them in the muted green/gray/purple/rock colors I tend to like best.  So alas, you guys will have to watch me make yet more stripey hats.  But the good news is there should at least be a pattern at the end this time.

Oh, and yes, that is snow in the background of that picture.  Not much, and it all melted as soon as the sun hit it, but it’s mid-December and this is the first snow I’ve seen, so I’ll have to take what I can get.  Maybe the stars did their job.

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