Now With Less Drama
Published On: January 11, 2013
Hi pinterest folks, if you’re looking for this pattern, it’s called Brigand and it’s available in Ne’er-Do-Well Knits on ravelry!

Yesterday’s escapades didn’t really show off the work to its best advantage.  The picture of Millie–lost over the fence, pitched into the snow–has its charms, but it doesn’t do much for the knitting.  So, just for clarity, I’ll offer here a somewhat more detailed look at the stitches.

You’ll note that Millie is nowhere near the fence.  You may also notice that this is post-rinse (not quite a full on proper blocking, but just a bit of a rinse and dry to get off the leaf chunks) for the portion below the thumb opening (you can see the difference between pre and post rinse if you look at the top two twists of that middle column).

This is a ridiculously simple little mitt (though I am finding myself rather taken with how the thumb gusset fits), but it’s what the yarn seemed to want.  This yarn took a bit of getting used to, but now that we’ve become accustomed to each other, I’m very much enjoying it.  It’s Bijou Basin Tibetan Dream Sock Yarn in the color Sky, and I need to write a bit more about working with it some time soon, but I want to read a bit more about yak first.


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