Rhymes with Yarn
Published On: January 25, 2013

So I have a confession.  I’ve been playing a game of chicken with the laundry.  I somehow decided it would be much more efficient to wait to wash knitted socks until I had a whole load full.  Have you looked at a sock lately? Even for the big footed among us, they’re pretty small.  It takes a lot of socks to fill one washing machine up.  Still, I’ve knit a lot of socks, so I’m getting close to that point.  But, in working my way down to the bottom of the basket of socks in the closet, I’ve come across some rather elderly socks.  Some socks that are in need of love.  Like these.

My notes indicate I finished these bad boys in October of 2008.  For those counting along at home, that’s more than 4 years ago.  That’s back when I still didn’t know why the heck my stitches were always twisted when I worked in the round (and didn’t care).  The thought of the blog and the patterns and the books hadn’t yet popped into my head.  It’s perfectly reasonable that they might need a bit of attention.  A few hours with a darning egg, a blunt needle, and some back up yarn, and they look like this.

Is it the most riveting fiber work in the world?  Nope,  not at all.  Is it kind of soothing in a sort of meditative way?  Oddly, yeah.  But really, if it means I’ll get another 4 years out of these, it was worth the two hours I spent on it.  I’ve got another pair or two that are going to get the same treatment in the next few days.

What about you guys, do you ever darn your socks?  Any other knitwear repairs in your future?

Edit to add a link to a good video resource over on Knit Picks site. It shows several techniques you may want to have in your arsenal!

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