Published On: March 7, 2013

This is what the last day or two has looked like (with the cup of tea being refreshed as needed…I’m not still on the one from Tuesday).

These are the proofs for the book.  Proofs are sort of a trial run for the finished thing.  I send the files off to the printer, the printer runs off a version of the files using their printers and their inks and their paper, and then they send them back to me.  I look them over to make sure what seemed like a lovely golden yellow on my screen didn’t turn out to be highlighter bright on their equipment.  (Don’t worry, those rainbow bars on the bottom won’t be in the finished book those are just there for making sure the color is playing nicely.)

It’s also my last chance to do one more check for errors.  It’s not precisely easy to fix things now (I likely wouldn’t bother for something like two spaces after a period rather than one), but it is possible (I would fix something like an incorrect chart).  Which means a few more obsessive readings of the whole thing from cover to cover.  Barry graciously supervises.  I need more tea.

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