Permission or Forgiveness?
Published On: March 17, 2013

This Sunday we went on a bit of a scouting excursion.  I’ve been wanting to do this for the better part of a year.  Whenever I drive home from our primary grocery store, I catch sight of an abandoned (and charmingly decrepit) greenhouse.  It looked exactly like the sort of place that would lend itself well to serving as a backdrop for knitting photos.  Turns out yeah, it sort of is.

We’ll start with an establishing shot of the greenhouse itself.  Yes that is a tree resting on the roof.  It’s been there at least a year.

When you get up close, you can see that many of the windows have slipped a bit and you can peer inside.

It’s unreasonably entertaining to twist and crane and see what you can find.

And in a few spots, the windows are entirely gone, so you can lean right in.  The metal gear-y thing fills me with a deep and abiding longing and it took every single bit of of my fortitude and good citizenship not to just outright steal it.

I didn’t even take a single one of the hundred and hundreds and hundreds of beautifully aged, perfectly matched terracotta pots moldering, abandoned, in the corner.

Which turned out to be a good thing, as, after about an hour of wandering and photo taking and leaning in windows and wiggling door handles in the vain yet fervent hope of finding an unlocked door, a security guard came by.  He very nicely told us the management didn’t like people back here and that we would need to leave.  We, of course, obliged.  But not before I got the number of said management company so I can see about coming back with the keys and getting inside.  Because holy wow batman, this place has great potential.  We took some pics of the pink mitts, which I will share later, but for today I was too busy being smitten with the place itself to focus much on the knitting.

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