One Down
Published On: May 13, 2013

The first sock is done!  See?  All the way done, right down to the pretty little toes.  And don’t worry, the little bars of yarn all lay a bit straighter when my foot (as opposed to the blocker) is filling the sock out.

That’s String Theory Merino DK in Didgeridoo.  Now, 1 skein of that yarn has 280 yards.  Knowing that I have big feet, and knowing that I wanted to make socks from this yarn, I bought two skeins.  When I finished up the first sock (after the requisite amount of preening), I popped it on the scale.  It came in at 56 grams.  The remainder of the skein weighed in at 60 grams.  Unless there is some sort of surprise waiting for me, that should mean that I can get a whole pair of socks out of just this skein.

I’ll insert a disclaimer here about how these socks have short cuffs, and how I always recommend erring on the side of buying extra yarn, but it does seem like I’ll get away with just one skein this time.  Which leaves me with the fabulous question of what to do with the extra skein.  I’ve never made two pairs of socks from the same yarn and color before, but this shade is so irritatingly gorgeous I may just have to do just that.

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