Noble Resolve
Published On: May 28, 2013

Having successfully sent of every single one of the preordered books (more than a week ahead of the deadline, thank you very much!), and given the unseasonably awesome weather, a little trip to the Great Lakes Fiber Show seemed to be in order this weekend.  This has become something of a tradition.  We went in 2012, 2010 (no blog entry, shameful I tell you, shameful), and 2009.  Once again, I exercised uncharacteristic restraint.  I swear I’m getting pickier about yarn by the day.  I’m able to resist most yarn, no matter how tempting.  It’s only the really good stuff that still catches me its snares.

Luckily, Chris of Briar Rose can be relied upon to provide said really good stuff.  That’s her Glory Days (the blue one) and Fourth of July (the orange one).  They’re likely destined to become socks for The Boy (Glory Days) and me (Fourth of July) when next the sock bug bites.  I also had the delightful experience of chatting with Anne Hanson (of Knitspot fame) and Chris about collaborating on some exciting new projects.  The details are too fuzzy to share just yet, but I predict great things!  And speaking of Knitspot, come back tomorrow for a joint post that Anne and I have worked up (with lots of fun with her lovely new yarns).

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