Up Up and Away
Published On: May 31, 2013

In a rather unexpected turn of events, I found out on Monday that I’m headed off to San Francisco for a few weeks on, um, Sunday.  Sunday, that day that comes after tomorrow.  Sunday morning no less.

This is certainly good news, and I fully expect it to be a lovely trip.  But it is now also the top contender for shortest notice trip ever (in my personal pantheon of trips that is, I’m sure there are folks out there who dash off much farther afield on far shorter notice, but they’re cooler than I am).

So I am currently:

  • really damn glad the preordered books came in (and got mailed out) early…having stacks of books to deal with would have made this harder
  • scurrying around like a crazy person doing all those last-minute things a trip necessitates (like laundry…because taking dirty clothes in your suitcase, at least at the start of a trip, is frowned upon, and changing the sheets…because you have to have clean sheets to come home to)
  • equipping my (shiny, new, bought just for this trip) laptop to be Pantsville Press, Road Edition ready so I can work while I’m away
  • going slightly mad trying to figure out what knitting to take (lots and lots? or almost none and get some there?)
  • ignoring the wee panicked voice in my left ear that whispers this is insane and instead just getting stuff done

All of which means I’m not knitting and have more or less zero progress or pretty pics to show you.  With any luck at all, I will atone for this sin by taking lots of pretty pics and finding lots of yarn-y goodness to share while we’re on our trip.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go switch the laundry.  And make a list.

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