This Time I Brought the Camera
Published On: June 20, 2013

I am packing for TNNA.  Or possibly driving to TNNA.  Or, depending on just how much time I have and how diligent I am about writing posts ahead of time to go up while I’m down there, possibly even hanging out at TNNA.  But just because I’m in a bit of a panicked daze doesn’t mean you should go without something to see.  So, how about a bit of yarn store yumminess, hmm?

From the moment I found out we were going to San Francisco, I knew I wanted to visit A Verb for Keeping Warm.  I’d first seen their yarn (and fiber) at the first Sock Summit, and I’ve been smitten with it ever since.  And when I found out that the lovely Janine Bajus (fellow Visionary and the person who will be to blame if I ever take the leap and decide to do ambitious things with two strands of yarn at once) was free to meet me there and make introductions (it’s her local yarn shop…we should all take a moment to be very very jealous), I was sold.

The store is absolutely charming.  It has one of the most thoughtfully curated and carefully selected collections of yarns I’ve ever seen.  There wasn’t a yarn there I wouldn’t have been happy to bring home.  But of course, the star of the show is Verb’s own yarn.  It’s awfully tempting.  See?

And of course there was fiber too.  In fact, there was fiber drying in the sun on the back patio (perfectly color matched to the wall out there, no doubt carefully planed).

The back patio is also home to lots of dyeing goodies.  The store has an amazing roster of classes, including classes on natural dyeing, and this is where some of that magic happens.

And, on the off chance that wasn’t enough, there’s even a resident bunny.

Should you ever find yourself in that part of the world, I highly recommend a visit.  Next time I’ll try to arrange to be in town when they’re having a sewing class (oh yes, they carry fabric too) and see if I can’t improve my skills!

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