TNNA Bound
Published On: June 22, 2013

If all has gone according to plan (and if you’re reading this on Saturday or Sunday), I’m currently hanging out at the Visionary Author booth at TNNA (we’re in 114, 116, & 118 so come say hi if you’re there).  In order for that to happen, all of these things (plus, you know, a small suitcase full of clothes…oh, and two chairs) will have somehow made it from my living room, into my car, down to Columbus, back out of my car, and into the booth.

I’m very much hoping that by the time you read this, that has all been easily accomplished and that didn’t prove nearly as daunting as it seemed when I wrote this.  My favorite part?  The sack full of mannequin feet.

Throwing that over your shoulder and running around grinning (like some sort of evil Santa from an alternate universe where the idea of a sack full of presents and a mantle full of stockings went horribly horribly wrong) is unreasonably satisfying.

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