Published On: July 30, 2013

We have two chairs in the family room.  They are the tv and knitting chairs.  Apparently, we’ve not been feeding them appropriately.  Last night, one of them decided to eat the blanket.  I don’t know if this is because he was hungry or as some sort of act of protest.  We’ll be addressing the issue in therapy later.  But first, the blanket needed some first aid.

See that?  Hole.  Big gnarly hole with several broken strands of yarn.  It would totally have run if left unattended.  (Note, these are not hand knitted blankets, there would have been much more swearing if they had been).  The hole could not be allowed to stand.  Yarn to the rescue!

The scrap yarn bucket was fetched and lo, right there on the top, leftovers from one of the socks in Silk Road Socks.  I knew there was a reason I’m a yarn pack rat.  I’d never have guessed this is what I’d need it for, but apparently I knew it might come in handy.  Not a bad color match at all!

I didn’t really try and match the stitch pattern, I just duplicate stitched a little patch three stitches wide on the front and again on the back.

It’s not a perfect match, but it doesn’t stand out too much, and it should keep the hole from growing.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, the chair and I have an appointment with a counselor to address some of his anger issues.

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