Going going…
Published On: August 23, 2013

I just went to package up this morning’s out going books, and realized I’m down to only a tiny handful of copies of Rabble Rousers.  Tiny like a dozen.  If you’ve been wanting to get one, this might be the time.  I don’t have any plans to reprint these, so when they’re gone, they’re gone.  Of course the electronic version will still be available, but I know some folks prefer paper.  And as always, if you get the paper version from me, you get the electronic version for free too.

And, in much more fun news, if you had a few hours to kill in the Chicago area and wanted to do it in a yarn store or a used book store, where would you go?  And yes, yes I am shamelessly using the blog for research.  Nothing wrong with that at all!

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