In The Grip
Published On: September 6, 2013

I got the nicest note from someone the other day saying they were sorry I wasn’t knitting much these days.  I had to do a bit of a double take.  I sort of feel like I’ve been knitting like a mad woman.  That cramp in my neck and the twinge just above my right elbow also seem to indicate that I’ve been knitting rather a lot.

What I’ve not been doing is showing you my knitting.  That is in large part because most of what I’m knitting at the moment is swatches.  Piles and piles and piles of swatches.  See?  And yes, yes that green thing is freaking delicious.


I am, in fact, rather besotted and quite firmly in the grip of my current obsession.  These are all swatches for that new project I mentioned the other day.  The one that sprung forth like Athena, fully formed, and has been laying claim to my every waking moment since its inception.  The project that really needs a secret code name so I can talk about it with you for the next little while without giving away any secret info.  Any ideas?

So while I may not be finishing many completed projects these days, rest assured that I am knitting.  I will try and do a better job of sharing what’s on my needles, even if it is just in swatch form at the moment.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go find at least four more yarns…possibly seven more.  I’ve already made plans for all the ones I have, and I desperately need more yarn so I can make more swatches.  Any current yarn favorites?  Most any weight is good, heavy lace right on up through worsted…my current obsession is nothing if not versatile!

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