Ne’er-Do-Well Knits preorder details
Published On: September 30, 2013

Two orders of business today.  One is getting you all the details of the Ne’er-Do-Well Knits preorder so you can grab it tomorrow at the reduced price.  But, first…and far more important, super adorable bonus kitten shot.

distracto kittenThat’s from a little adventure we had this weekend, the details of which will be shared later this week. But it seemed cruel not to just go ahead and get that level of adorable out to the world right away.  So there you go, hope that starts your week off right.

Now, on to business.  Preorders.  Yes I’m doing one, but I’m keeping it ridiculously short.  Three days to be precise.  It’s going to work like this:

The book is available in either electronic form for $10.95 or paper form for $13.95 (and as always, if you order the paper one from me, you get the electronic one for free).  If you order the book during the preorder (that’s Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of this week), you’ll get $3.00 off the price of either version.  You’ll also get a coupon code good for a free copy of (almost) any of my individual patterns.  On Friday, the paper books go in the mail, the electronic books get updated, and the price goes back to normal.

The preorder starts first thing Tuesday morning (that’s eastern time for anyone playing along at home), so swing by after that and grab your copy!

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