Published On: October 2, 2013

Remember how I said this whole book launch thing is happening this week (instead of, say, next month) because the printer got the books done early?  And so the books would be arriving at my house early…super duper early?  Well this is what it looks like when the (rather overworked) UPS guy brings a book.

_DSC8348That’s one stack of boxes.  One rather tall stack of boxes.  There are others you can’t quite see from here.  After the requisite amount of squeeing and dancing (if you’re not allowed to do a happy dance when a new book comes, I’m not sure when you are…I am not apologizing for any dancing that might occur), you open the boxes.

Now, this is always a risky moment.  Something could have gone wrong.  Printing is a physical process, things happen.  There can be heartbreak inside.  Smudges, wrinkles, mystery stains, even the odd stowaway.  But not this time.  This time, there was only cause for more squeeing and maybe a bit more dancing.

_DSC8349I couldn’t be happier with how these came out.  They are perfect little delights.  I know it’s horribly immodest to say, but I love everything about them.  I like that they’re small (so it fits in your bag), but with nice heavy paper and a proper cover so it feels substantial.  I like that The Boy and I took the pictures (while having the odd adventure here and there) and that he’s finally got his feet on a cover.  And I love the projects.  Well clearly I love the projects, they’re all things I knit to either wear myself or for The Boy.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go ahead and bask in the glow of having a big project done and rest up in preparation for getting all the preorders shipped out on Friday.  Speaking of, today and Thursday are the last days for the preorder.  Grab it now for a nice shiny discount and free pattern!


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