Published On: November 12, 2013

Have you ever found yourself in need of a hair elastic?  I’m guessing many of you have.  Have you ever found yourself in need of a hair elastic and been far away from either your personal stash or a convenient place to get more?  This doesn’t happen to me often (I tend to go for the long, loose, and lazy approach to hair styling), but it did on this trip.  For you see, I needed to use a handy power tool, and it was windy.  Very very windy.  And everyone knows long hair and power tools and wind don’t mix.

So I did what any knitter would do, I knit a hair elastic.  It was actually faster to knit one that to drive into town and buy one.  Much more entertaining too.   It started like this.

aAnd a bit later it looked like this.

bAnd after an hour and a half of using the aforementioned tools in high winds, it looked something like this.

cNothing if not stylish, hmmm?  The idea here is that it actually worked.  It wasn’t quite as grippy as a traditional elastic, but that’s after some heavy use, and it was still in there.  More importantly, neither I nor the saw suffered any unfortunate accidents (and as for why I needed a saw, we’ll get into that later…I have A Plan).

So, on the off chance any of you find yourselves needing such a thing, try this:

1) Using a provisional cast on, cast on 4.

2) Working in icord throughout, knit 1 round.

3) Purl 3 rounds, knit 3 rounds.

4) Work those 6 rounds until it’s almost as long as you’d like (it will need to be longer than you think as it doesn’t cinch up as much as regular elastic).

5) Purl 3 rounds, knit 1 round.

6) Break yarn, leaving a 6 inch tail, kitchner the provisional cast on and the last row together.

7) Weave in your ends, using the tails to bring your cast on round and your kitchnered round together into a tube like the rest of your icord.

Voila.  Ready for your next daring adventure.


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