Do the Shuffle
Published On: November 25, 2013

Yesterday afternoon, for no apparent reason, I got a total bug up my butt.  I decided that I had…simply had to rearrange all the books in my office.  I’ve got five tall bookshelves in there.  Until yesterday, four of them had history books, and the knitting stuff was smushed into only one.  This was a hold over from when I was a history grad student and thought this knitting thing was a side gig, something I did to keep me from roaming the streets in my spare time.  Well, that’s not quite how my life is working out, and it was bugging me that my office didn’t reflect the new reality.

I’ve been going through my books over the last few months and getting rid of the ones that I only read under duress in the first place and would rather never pick up again.  This mean I had a bit of extra space on the shelves.  Yesterday it occurred to me that I might (juuuust might) be able to cram the remaining history books onto three bookcases, leaving me two bookcases to hold knitting stuff.  This would be an improvement, because it would mean I could have more bins (bins being absolutely central to how I keep various projects organized.  It would also be a giant project, because it basically meant moving every single book in the room from one wall of shelves to the other.  But once the idea was planted, it needed to be done.

_DSC8947I’m happy with the result.  I’ve got a full shelf of research reading for the next major project (hidden here by a jaunty secret sticker for the time being because I don’t want you recognizing the books and divining my nefarious plans too soon), props and tools (and a lamp, because it’s awfully dark in therewith those red red walls), piles of bins to sort out various projects in various stages of progress, books (more or less divided into pattern books, knitting reference books, stitch dictionaries, and non-knitting reference books), speakers (plus a little space beside them to pile things that need to be put away…uncharacteristically empty at the moment but soon to be filled), and some drawers (because despite my best efforts, this running a business somehow seems to generate some paperwork.  The history books (just barely) fit on the three other shelves, the non-active yarn is tucked away in the closet.

The whole room is now unnaturally tidy.  The Kitten Overlords (and my natural tendency toward sloth) will take care of that soon, but for now, I’m basking in the glow (and popping advil…moving furniture and books around is tiring).

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