Published On: December 9, 2013

The first sock is nearly done.  It would actually be done if I were the more decisive type.  I (as predicted) went with the option where I worked on the needles to make the foot all swirly and keen.  I got it all figured out, liked it, even took notes, then realized I really really wanted some plain socks.

most of a sockSo I made a new plan.  I secured another skein of String Theory’s wonderful yarn (this time their caper sock in a beautiful purple-y blue) and had a conversation with a super awesome secret knitter (secret only because I forgot to ask if shew as ok with me sharing, secrecy likely lifted in future if she doesn’t mind), and made quite an awesome plan.  I’m going to knit the plainer version of these in this lovely fat yarn, she’s going to knit the swoopy version of these in a more traditional sock weight yarn.  Then I’ll show both in the pattern (the pattern which will be written for something obscene like four gauges and eight sizes).

So while I love this plan, it did mean I had to rip the swirly bit I figured out.  We’re calling it a good cause though, as I think the end result will be socks I love, socks she loves, two socks to show off in the pattern, and a pattern that should fit more or less everyone and work with a huge range of yarn.

Oh, and speaking of patterns, I’ll be putting one up tomorrow.  No, not these yellow ones, the ones I finished up in San Francisco.  They’re going up tomorrow morning!

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