Where Do Your Toes Start?
Published On: December 12, 2013

Well, not so much your actual, personal toes.  I’m assuming those start towards the end of your feet.  I more mean where do your sock toes start.  I ask because the yellow socks are looking a lot like this:

Where do you start your toes?That’s the point where I have to try them on every two or three rows to see if it’s time to do the toes.  For my feet, I’m happiest if I start the first round of toe decreases just as the sock reaches the tip of my smallest toe (so I need about another half inch or so on this one).  Then I do decreases every other row until the sock reaches the tip of my next toe.  For me that’s usually three pairs of decrease round/non-decrease round.  Then I decrease every row until I have somewhere around 20 stitches left (the precise number often depends on the specifics of the pattern and what will look best).

But I know everyone seems to do their toes differently, and I’m curious how you do it.  Do you do exactly what a pattern says?  Do you have landmarks on your own feet you use to guide you (yes, I have seen the tattoos, that’s some real dedication)?  Do you do anatomical toes?  Or maybe you just wing it?  I always feel that really well fitting toes are one of the perks of knit socks, and I’m curious to hear how you guys tweak yours.

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