One Down
Published On: December 18, 2013

Great progress on the sock front.  The first one is done (properly done with ends woven in and blocked and all), and the second one is on the needles.  I’m pleased.  I’m also, you will note, inside.  That’s because it’s snowing outside and warm and toasty inside and I’m not hoping around out there in my sock feet for a blog pic.  Sorry, but I don’t love you that much.  Inside will have to do.

_DSC9097I even managed to take notes as I made it (so often my downfall), and I have the first draft of the pattern written up.  I’ll be working on the second sock, and the alarmingly talented Katie is knitting up a variation of these (with foot swooping fanciness).  Some time early next year, both versions will find their way onto someone’s foot, and I’l take some pics, and a pattern will be had.

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