Published On: December 27, 2013

A certain amount of lazing about is good for a person.  It is my firm conviction that, if I work hard all day every day, I stop doing good work.  If I don’t take the odd day off (or two…or three…in a row) and accomplish absolutely nothing, my brain goes on strike.  So, working with that theory, I’ve taken a bit of shameless time off over my birthday and the holiday.  I hope you got to do the same.

And by the way, it totally totally worked.  The last few days have been ones of scandalous, shocking productivity.  Alas, it’s all rather hidden productivity.  It’s piles and piles of fiddly behind-the-scenes work on KCC3 (which yes, is rapidly nearing completion) and equally large piles of rather more exciting work on the new sneakypants project.  I’ll be talking about both over the next few days (I have some questions for you all on the sneakypants front).  But for now, I wanted to pop in, reassure you I’d not floated away on an eggnog cloud, and show off a bit of knitting.

_DSC9114That’s the sock in progress, and it’s also proof of how much difference a nice relaxing soak will make to any stressed out knitting.  See how the partial sock’s leg is all ripply and bunched up?  It lays right down after a rinse, I promise.

Oh, and one tiny reminder, the buy one get one free sale does end this evening, so if you needed something, details are over here.

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