Making up for lost time
Published On: January 15, 2014

Despite the previous rocky start, slipper the second is now well underway.  In fact, by the time you read this, it may well be done (not to draw back the curtain on the glamorous world of knit blogging too much, but I’ve been known to take advantage of the afternoon sunlight to take a picture, write a blog post to go with the picture in the evening, and schedule it to go up the next morning).  I continue to be enamored of them. They are just so amazingly tidy and orderly.  Everything flows very nicely, if I do say so myself.

Knit slipperI’m trying to decide whether I want to add a strap.  My inclination is yes because I think they’d stay on better with one.  When I do a second version of these (totally a when, not an if, these need to be explored in greater depth), I’ll have the top of the foot close up a tiny bit sooner.  I feel the foot opening is a hair too long for me as it stands, so they have a very slight tendency to wiggle a bit at the heel.  A strap would clear that right up.  I may give them a bit of a soak and a light thrashing first to see if they snug up a bit before I make a final decision.  In either case, expect to see them in their finished state soon.

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