Published On: February 3, 2014

I am, for reasons that seemed extremely good at the time, knitting with gray and cream yarn in the middle of a very long winter.  Normally, this would be enough to drive a knitter around the bend.  But somehow this yarn is so snuggly and cozy and textured and just downright knitterly that it feels right.

knit slipperThis is take two of the strappy slippers ( you guys wanted them enough that I’ve gone ahead and started working on them as a stand alone pattern instead of waiting until the end of next year and putting them in a book you’ve not even heard of yet).  The yarns are from Bare Naked Wools and are just perfect.  The lighter yarn on the upper part of the slipper is Breakfast Blend DK in Oatmeal, and the darker yarn on the sole is Confection Worsted in Milk Chocolate.  They play together perfectly, and they bloom up beautifully when they hit the water.

I’m absolutely itching to get this one finished and start playing with the straps!  Expect a fairly irritating barrage of updates on these as they come together.

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