Modern Colorwork Collection, review and giveaway
Published On: February 6, 2014

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Knitters are a clever bunch.  We take very long pieces of string and a pair of sticks and tie giant knots.  Beautiful, useful knots that you can wear.  It’s a neat trick.  I really appreciate it when designers realize just how clever knitters are and write their patterns accordingly.  Miriam Felton has done just that with her recent Modern Colorwork Collection. ModernColorworkTitle

The six pieces of this collection (three sweaters, a cowl, a shawl, and a pair of mitts) draw their inspiration from quilting and modern art.  The result is projects that feel fresh and timeless.  They’re all things I’d be happy to wear.  Just as importantly, they’re all things I can actually imagine myself making.  So much of the colorwork I see looks beautiful, but feels more than a bit overwhelming.  Miriam’s pieces, however, strike just the right balance.  They’re lovely, but not so intricate as to be daunting and detailed without being fussy.  The Willis Triangles Cardigan is the perfect example.

WillisTriangles1The shape is classic and flattering, the sort of thing that would fit in any wardrobe.  All the interest comes at the collar, which provides the perfect place to indulge in a bit of colorwork.

WillisTriangles4As an added bonus, the inside of the cuff and hem have a marvelous secret detail, just the sort of thing to set a knitter’s heart racing!

All the patterns in the collection are like this, wearable classics with fascinating little tweaks to make them extra special.  If you already love colorwork, this belongs in your collection.  And if you’re a colorwork newbie, this just might be the perfect way to discover a new obsession (the Chromaticity Cowl looks like just the sort of pattern to tempt a bunch of people to try something new).

Miriam has graciously agreed to give one of you a copy of her lovely new collection.  If you think it would find a happy home with you, just leave a comment here telling me about your experience with colorwork.  Are you a novice?  Have you been doing it for years?  Still waiting to take the plunge?  Let me know, and the collection might be yours!  You can leave a comment through the end of the day, eastern time, on Sunday February tenth.

All the pictures here are Miriam’s and are used with her permission.



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