Published On: March 12, 2014

I don’t believe in rushing.  I’m firmly convinced that when you rush, you make stupid mistakes.  If you feel like you should hurry, it’s probably actually time to slow down and take a breath.  Which is why, despite the rather frantic pace of the last few days (as explained by the last post), I decided I wanted to whip the current project off the needles to double check that I liked how it was coming together.

I’m actually a big fan of this technique.  There is (generally) no reason not to put your knitting on some waste yarn, pitch it in a sink full of water (do avoid dropping the ball of yarn the water though, that doesn’t go well), wring it out, and block it.  This usually gives you a much better sense of the fabric than your swatch does.  I wanted to be sure I liked the drape of the orange thing, so I did exactly that.

helpful kittenKitten Overlord Douglas instantly settled in.  He seems to approve of the project, so who am I to question it.  Onward.

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