Published On: April 18, 2014

I think I have a plan.  Well no, I totally have a plan, I always have a plan.  It’s more like I have a plan that is far enough along to do something bold like mention it publicly.  Let’s do a little run down, shall we?

First up will be the alarmingly versatile socks.  They pretty much just need a name and a final once over (having been modeled and tested by a bunch of very gracious folks who don’t let on at all when they think I’m being crazy).  The plan is to put these out next week.  The pattern will include both foot styles and is written for something ridiculous like 4 gauges and 8 sizes.  There should be something there to fit more or less everyone.

b secondary small

a secondary smallThen, quick on the heels of the socks, is an adorable hat and cuff (which is dreadfully immodest and I know I shouldn’t say, but seriously, they’re ridiculously cute).  This was a club pattern for an indie dyer last year, and it’s finally ready to be released to the world and I could not be more thrilled.  Look for them the week after next.

Lucent Main smallThen, just in case that wasn’t enough, I have the re-release of both colophon and adumbrate planned for the end of May or beginning of June.  Not quite sure which will come first or quite when it will happen, but they are both officially on the list (though dependent on finding either The Boy to take pictures of my hands or a friend to let me take pictures of theirs, but I think I can pull it off).  And of course, some time in June, there might just be a book coming out too.  I’m working on some fun stuff to go with the official book release (about which I will continue to be maddeningly obscure for weeks to come, just warning you).

So, the gist of all that is, oodles and oodles of stuff coming up.  If you want to be sure you hear about it as it happens, you should join the mailing list.  Though really, when the book goes up, you’ll probably hear me shouting about it, wherever you are!

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