Published On: April 29, 2014

So this happened.

kcc3 piecesThat’s all the pieces and parts of KCC3, fresh from the printer.  When you get a book made, you get lots and lots of packages with various iterations of the project.  They all have jobs to do (check the color, make sure the pages are in the right order, make sure nothing goofy has happened).  They’re all fun to get, but the closer you get to the real thing, the better they are.  This one’s pretty darn close.  All the pieces are there, they just need to be glued together and have the spiffy coating put on the front cover (to ward off finger print smudges…it’s not on this version yet and you can already see smears where I’ve petted this one too much).

I should be getting a box of the finished ones very soon.  They mail me one box as soon as they’re ready, and the rest go on a boat and take a more leisurely journey.  Once they’re on that boat, I’ll have a better idea of when they’ll be arriving here and when I can open preorders.  My guess is June, but I promise to let you know as dates firm up!

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